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October 20, 2008 New Backup Script has been launched. Some house keeping has been done around the site and we have a few new items to be added soon.

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» Backup Script
» Contact Script
» PHP Includes
» Image Gallery

Rampant Backup
Backup your important files and even your mysql database. Very simple to setup, only one file to manage....More Info
Price: $12
Rampant iscript
Rampant iscript is a compact and easy-to-install photo gallery script. It uses a MySQL database and a single configuration file to manage all its settings....More Info
Price: $10
WYSIWYG Spell Checker
Add a WYSIWYG editor to your textareas. Includes a spell check system....More Info
Price: $8
Contact Form
A really simple way to add a contact form to your page. Your visitor simply fills in the form and clicks the send button. Useful if you don't want to give out your email address or want to make sure your visitor sends specific information. Some php knowledge is helpful but not needed. ...More Info
Price: $2
Multiple Uploads
Upload multiple files to your server at once....More Info
Price: $2
Random Quotes
Create a list of quotes and have them display randomly on your page....More Info
Price: $2
Survey Script
Our survey script can handle simple and complicated surveys, simple to set up. Sends the results to you in an email. ...More Info
Price: $0
Recommend Script
An easy way to set up a "suggest site" form on your webpage. ...More Info
Price: $0
Quick Notes
Tired of having post-it-notes cluttering up your desk and monitor? This script is a simple way to make quick notes for yourself. Useful for keeping track of projects and ideas. ...More Info
Price: $0
Upload Script
Upload a file to a specific directory. A quick way to upload files if ftp is not an option. ...More Info
Price: $0
Styles Script
A quick and easy way to implement different skins for your site. Uses cookies, style sheets and some php. ...More Info
Price: $0
Image Gallery Script
This script generates thumbnails for you and used javascript to quickly load the full sized images. ...More Info
Price: $0
Simple Calendar
A small calendar showing the current month with the current day highlighted....More Info
Price: $0

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